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Self sovereign, secure, powerful, easy to use wallet that utilizes your own node as a backend. Powered by PSBT's and descriptors. Acts as an offline signer using your node as a watch-only wallet. C-Lightning compatible for instant, unfairly cheap payments.



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Fully Noded®

download fully noded on the app store
download fully noded for macos

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Self sovereign, secure, powerful, easy to use wallet that utilizes your own Bitcoin Core node as a backend. Providing an easy to use interface to interact with your nodes non wallet capabilities. Fully Noded® wallets are powered by PSBT's and descriptors. Fully Noded® acts as an offline signer using your node as a watch-only wallet as well as giving you full unfettered access to every wallet.dat in your nodes .bitcoin directory. C-Lightning and LND compatible for instant, unfairly cheap payments.

Build from source

  • Download Xcode
  • git clone
  • cd FullyNoded
  • Double click FullyNoded.xcodeproj
  • Click the play button in the top left bar of Xcode to run the app

Reproducible builds

  • Go to releases
  • Download the SHA256SUMS file and open it with a text editor
  • and are reproducible
  • In a terminal run shasum -a 256 (or whichever file you would like) the output should match what you see in the SHA256SUMS text file for the respective file
  • All files are signed with my pgp key 1C72 2776 3647 A221 6E02 E539 025E 9AD2 D3AC 0FCA
  • To run the app you can double click the file (Xcode not required)
  • to run via source code just unzip, double click the folder, and double click FullyNoded.xcodeproj which will launch the source code via Xcode

Getting started

  • On your mac
    • Download Fully Noded® macOS
      download fully noded for macos
    • Download Bitcoin Core
      • Or for best security and ease of use download GordianServer which will harden your mac for best security practices and install Bitcoin Core, Tor and C-Lightning with one click.
    • Start Bitcoin Core by double clicking it.
    • Start Fully Noded by double clicking it.
    • Fully Noded® will prompt you to add a node. Get your rpc credentials from your bitcoin.conf file which can be found at /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/bitcoin.conf and add them to FN when adding your node. By default FN will add the correct address for your node, this can be customized for remote connections for advanced users.
    • Once your node is added and the home screen has loaded, tap the "antenna" button on the home screen:


  • On your mobile device
    • Download Fully Noded® iOS
      download fully noded on the app store
    • Open it, when prompted to add a node tap the QR scanner button, and scan the QR that the macOS app is showing you:


Redistributing Fully Noded® Code on the App Store

Even though this project is open source, this does not mean you can reuse this code when distributing closed source commercial products. Please contact us to discuss licensing options before you start building your product.

If you are an open source project, please contact us to arrange for an App Store redistribution exception. For more information about why this is required, please read this blog post from Open Whisper Systems.

Cost for End Users

Downloading the Fully Noded® iOS app is 100% free because it is important that all people around the world have unrestricted access to a private, self sovereign means of using Bitcoin. However, developing and supporting this project is hard work and costs real money. Please help support the development of this project!

  • GitHub Sponsors
  • ⚡️ Tor lightning donation (Tor browser required)
  • 🔗 Bitcoin bc1q6xw40gsm86yk78dlfun70nt7meh2nq9j7sc7ym
  • The preferred method of donation is via the app itself, simply tap the ♥️ button when creating a transaction and it will automatically load a donation address which is derived from a hard coded xpub within the app:

    download fully noded on the app store

Why Fully Noded®?

  • Privacy. Majority of existing Bitcoin wallets are powered by someone else's node, this causes complete and utter loss of privacy. By running your own node and utilizing it via a Tor hidden service you are maintaining a high level of privacy.
  • Security. All communications to your node are done within the Tor network, this means your IP is never exposed, your communications to your node are heavily encrypted, this is by default and not possible to opt out of. The app allows you to utilize Tor V3 authentication for first in class security, in short this means you self authenticate your device and no other device will be able to connect to your node. The app by default never uses your node as a hot wallet and instead keeps your seed heavily encrypted and securely stored on your iOS device, private keys never touch a network request, Tor or otherwise. With Fully Noded® architecture you can always keep your node completely behind a firewall and access it securely from anywhere in the world.
  • Sovereignty. You are in total control, you run a self hosted server which then powers your mobile wallet. There is no middle man which can deny you access to your own server. You are in control of your private keys and utxo's.
  • Censorship Resistance. If you rely on a companies' server to power your wallet you are inherently relying on them, they can at any time disable your connection to their servers, shut them off or be forced to deny you service. When using Fully Noded® you never have to be concerned about a third party censoring your payments, you are quite literally your own bank.
  • Recovery. Users may recover any wallet with the app, simply create a Recovery wallet with BIP39 seed words and automatically recover every popular wallet in one fell swoop. For advanced users you may create a descriptor of any type and import it with the app, this allows every wallet type imaginable to be recovered. If you have existing wallets on your node which are watch-only you may add BIP39 seed words to the app to make them spendable.

Manual Setup - advanced


Medium Posts

Youtube Tutorials


  • Peter Denton (new): 1C72 2776 3647 A221 6E02  E539 025E 9AD2 D3AC 0FCA
  • Peter Denton (old): 3B37 97FA 0AE8 4BE5 B440  6591 8564 01D7 121C 32FC


Thank you for your interest in contributing to Fully Noded®! To avoid potential legal headaches and to allow distribution on Apple's App Store please sign our CLA (Contributors License Agreement).

  1. Sign the CLA, and email it to
  2. Fork the project and (preferably) work in a feature branch.
  3. Open a pull request on GitHub adding your signed CLA here.
  4. All commits must be pgp signed, see this guide.
  5. Thank you!


MIT "Commons Clause" License Condition v1.0

If you would like to relicense this code to distribute it on the App Store, please contact me at

Third-party Libraries

This software additionally references or incorporates the following sources of intellectual property, the license terms for which are set forth in the sources themselves:

  • Credit to Chat-Secure for inspiring the layout/format and some of the text of this document.
  • Credit to Blockchain Commons for the format of the CLA.

The following dependencies are bundled with the Fully Noded®, but are under terms of a separate license:


Self sovereign, secure, powerful, easy to use wallet that utilizes your own node as a backend. Powered by PSBT's and descriptors. Acts as an offline signer using your node as a watch-only wallet. C-Lightning compatible for instant, unfairly cheap payments.







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