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Document dumping of live backtrace.

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@@ -38,6 +38,17 @@ While monitoring the process, you may interrupt `crash-watch` by pressing Ctrl-C
Consult `crash-watch --help` for more usage options.
+## Dumping live backtrace
+Instead of waiting until a process crashes, you can also dump a live backtrace of a process. `crash-watch` will immediately exit after dumping the backtrace, letting the process continue as normally.
+ $ crash-watch --dump <PID>
+ Current thread (1) backtrace:
+ #0 0x00007fff81fd9464 in read ()
+ No symbol table info available.
+ #1 0x0000000100060d3e in ?? ()
+ No symbol table info available.
## Goodie: GDB controller
I've written a small library for controlling gdb, which `crash-watch` uses internally. With CrashWatch::GdbController you can send arbitrary commands to gdb and also get its response.

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