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This is the Mizuho wiki.

Optional source highlighting

Mizuho can use “source-highlight”, a utility for syntax-highlighting source code in your documentation.

Here are the steps to install “source-highlight” on Mac OS X Leopard. If you’re using MacPorts, it should be easy:

port install source-highlight

If you’re not using MacPorts, download source-highlight and try a regulard configure and build:

sudo make install

If configure fails with this error:

ERROR! Boost::regex library not installed.

… then you should install Boost C++ libraries. Download Boost and build it:

./configure --with-libraries=regex
sudo make install

You must also create this symbolic link to enable programs to find boost on your system:

sudo ln -s /usr/local/include/boost-1_37/boost/ /usr/local/include/boost

Now reconfigure “source-highlight” and build it:

./configure --with-boost-regex=boost_regex-xgcc40-mt
sudo make install

You should be done. Check if highlighting works:

echo "puts 'hello world'" | source-highlight -s ruby
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