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2007-01-16: Revelation 0.4.11
- fix applet configuration checks
- updated czech translation [Zbyněk Mrkvička]
2007-01-16: Revelation 0.4.10
- don't import missing mman module in applet
2007-01-11: Revelation 0.4.9
- fixed translation of field names and tooltips
- don't include built during make dist
- added POTFILES.skip to skip translation for certain files
- set utf-8 encoding for POTFILES
- added czech translation [Zbyněk Mrkvička]
- updated german translation [Daniel Schindler]
2006-12-31: Revelation 0.4.8
New features:
- translation support
- ported to gtk+ 2.8 and gnome 2.10
- added LUKS file import/export [John Lenz]
- added SplashID CSV file import [Devan Goodwin]
- cleaned up preferences dialog
- only show Revelation files by default in open and save dialogs
- improved error detection during file saving
- handle errors while loading icons [Wade Berrier]
- scale icons with improper sizes
- use new icon for ftp accounts (old one removed from gnome-icon-theme)
- fixed crash when doubleclicking tree with no entry selected
- password generator now always avoids ambiguous characters
- password checker and generator follow "show passwords" preference
- don't use passwords in default goto commands
- HIG fixes
- added missing config.guess and config.sub autoconf files
- added chinese translation [Dancefire]
- added french translation [Gilles Accad]
- added german translation [Christian Sagmueller]
- added swedish translation [Daniel Nylander]
Code changes:
- improved build scripts
- generate ChangeLog from subversion log during make dist
- removed gnomemisc module
- don't use deprecated gnome-python modules
- moved convert_entry_generic() to the Entry.convert_generic() method
2006-02-06: Revelation 0.4.7
- don't crash when unlocking file
- ignore errors when automatically reloading file in applet
- avoid hanging on missing network mounts when opening file
- build pyc/pyo files correctly when using DESTDIR with make install
2006-01-26: Revelation 0.4.6
New features:
- improved the searchbar, and use it instead of find dialog
- new applet option to show/hide search entry
- use icons instead of colors in password entries to indicate strength
- added Shannon entropy test and other improvements to password checker
- fixed drag and drop undo/redo crashes
- don't initialize python modules during configure checks
- strip xml entities from password on clipboard copy or drag/drop
- fix crash in Password Safe import/export with fields longer than 256 chars
- use full path when starting Revelation from applet
- use correct key path for applet show_passwords gconf schema key
- ~ in filenames will now be expanded to homedir
- changed default file format for export to XML
- changed button "Edit" to "Update" in edit entry dialog
- remove GNOME_RevelationApplet.server during make clean
Code changes:
- use stock gtk icon sizes instead of custom ones
2005-08-25: Revelation 0.4.5
New features:
- added Password Safe 2.x import/export
- added Password Safe 1.x import/export
- added GPass 0.5.x import/export
- added MyPasswordSafe import/export
- added MyPasswordSafe import/export for old file format
- added Password Gorilla import/export
- fix crash when searching with non-Unicode locale
- fix crashes in applet and with drag/drop on 64-bit systems
- encode data as Unicode when loading from files
- more informative error messages for gnomemisc module
- fix incorrect magic string in MIME-type entry
- fixed a bug when importing GPass 0.4.x files with empty note
- GPass importer handles multi-line notes correctly
- GPass importer skips hostnames containing only http://
- set correct app version number in datafile header
- default lock timeout for applet set to 10 minutes
Code changes:
- check for necessary python modules at configure-time
- don't use unnecessary defsfiles when building gnomemisc module
- improved the applet name and description
2005-08-07: Revelation 0.4.4
New features:
- GNOME panel applet for looking up account info
- option for copying password to clipboard on doubleclick
- passwords are removed from clipboard after 60 seconds
- drag-and-drop from password labels when hiding passwords
- new "Add folder" item, instead of adding folders through "Add entry"
- rearranged toolbar layout
- option for setting toolbar style
- the searchbar entry gets focus on startup if shown
- don't crash when attempting to load missing theme icons
- properly handle all gnome-vfs errors when reading/writing files
- password labels are unselectable when hiding passwords
- don't warn about missing config data when schema install worked
- avoid showing duplicates of non-modal dialogs
- HIGified labels in dialogs
- install modules into platform-specific pyexecdir instead of pythondir
- don't use deprecated gnome.vfs module with gnome-python 2.10
- properly quote autoconf macro names
Code changes:
- removed unit tests
- moved Timer class from ui module to data module
- moved the wrap/ directory to src/wrap/
- renamed the authmanager module to gnomemisc
- wrapped panel_applet_request_focus()
2005-03-31: Revelation 0.4.3
New features:
- added quit button to unlock file dialog
- don't wrap gnome_authentication_manager_dialog_is_visible()
(only available from libgnomeui-2.7.92)
- make configure search for cracklib-format, cracklib-packer,
crack_mkdict and crack_packer as well as the normal commands
- stop autolock-timer when manually locking file, to avoid crash when
timer tries to re-lock file
2005-03-22: Revelation 0.4.2
- don't use gtk.Action.set_sensitive() (API from gtk 2.6)
- check for mkdict/packer under /sbin and /usr/sbin in addition to $PATH
2005-03-21: Revelation 0.4.1
New features:
- option to autolock file after a period of inactivity
- check password strength while entering, using cracklib
- ask user to reload file if it is changed outside revelation
- added preference to select doubleclick action; go to, or edit
- added password checker dialog
- improved the preference dialog
- improved user interface for copying passwords (and optionally
usernames) to the clipboard
- use correct encoding in data files
- workaround for incorrect data file encoding (as generated by 0.4.0)
- make undo actually work for edit actions
- don't crash when redoing an undone edit action
- don't crash when unable to save file (wrong permissions etc)
- don't crash when loading missing icons from theme
- fix potential crash on quit with some pygtk versions
- workaround for gnome-python bug causing crashes on 64-bit systems
when changing a preference
- workaround for gnome-python 2.9.x crasher bug in the session client
- properly handle invalid data in data files
- prefs, password generator and search dialogs are no longer modal
- display non-ascii characters in filenames correctly
- use fallback folder icons when not found in theme
- hide any open dialogs when locking the file
- don't steal clipboard events from widgets in main window
- update icons on theme change
- use better lock icon
- use better stock icons for dialog buttons
- left-align labels in link-buttons (for URLs etc)
Code changes:
- cleaned up the build-system and source file layout
2005-02-08: Revelation 0.4.0
New features:
- added export to plain text
- treeview keyboard commands caused unhandled exception
- autosave file on drag/drop, if enabled
- set default button for overwrite dialog to cancel
- added configure switches for disabling mime and desktop update
- respect --disable-schemas-install configure switch
- build byte-compiled datahandler modules
2005-02-01: Revelation 0.4.0-pre2
- allow entry drag'n'drop to folder directly before/after entry
- crash when undoing an entry drag/drop under certain circumstances
- place Revelation under Accessories in the GNOME menu (Utility category)
- install mimetype icon into correct directory
- run update-desktop-database on install, to register app for mimetype
- don't install authmanager module into bindir
- build authmanager module with position-independent code
- allow installation when fd.o shared MIME utils are missing
- don't update MIME databases at build-time if DESTDIR is set
Code changes:
- updated unit tests for ui module
2005-01-24: Revelation 0.4.0-pre1
New features:
- port to gtk+ 2.4 (new file dialog, combobox etc)
- file handling uses GNOME VFS (can open files over http, ftp etc)
- use icons from the active GNOME icon theme
- improved widgets when editing entries (dropdowns, fileselectors etc)
- drag and drop of entries in tree
- files can be dragged to Revelation to open them
- the account clipboard is shared between Revelation instances
- an account password chain is copied to the clipboard when launching entry
- added menu item for copying username and password chain to clipboard
- username and password can be copied to clipboard, even when hidden
- default action for entries is "go to"
- integrated with gnome session manager
- new application icon
- added icon and mime-type for the data files
- quit works correctly after continuing from an unhandled error
- gtk/gnome command-line arguments are handled correctly
- don't subclass gnome.ui.HRef (abstract widget from gnome-python 2.9.x)
- fall back to False for GNOME toolbar_detachable setting
- renamed "launch" to "go to"
Code changes:
- rewrote and cleaned up all code
- improved the module APIs
- added unittests for config, data, datahandler, entry, io, ui and util
- removed libxml dependency (uses xml.dom.minidom from python instead)
- reorganized source file tree
- use GNU autotools for installation instead of python distutils
- use GtkUIManager for UI generation and management
2004-09-27: Revelation 0.3.4
- the Domain field had the tooltip set as its name
- the searchbar follows the detachable toolbar setting in gnome
- ask to continue running when an unknown error occurs
- activate searchbar button when hitting return in the entry
- workaround for crasher bug when editing an entry on some systems
2004-08-30: Revelation 0.3.3
New features:
- added entry launchers
- added a search toolbar (disabled by default)
- added a password generator dialog
- added an XHTML/CSS exporter
- unknown errors are reported in a dialog with an error call traceback
- entry descriptions were not set when adding/editing an entry
- changed the keyboard shortcuts for add, edit and update entry to use
the control modifier key, to avoid overriding other use of the keys.
the old keyboard shortcuts can still be used when the tree has focus
Code changes:
- created subclasses of Entry class for the various entry types
- created subclasses of Field class for the various field types
- added config_get() and config_connect() convenience functions
2004-08-09: Revelation 0.3.2
- don't attempt to load the removed druid module on startup
2004-08-08: Revelation 0.3.1
New features:
- added a preference for autosaving data on change
- added import/export of .netrc files
- added import/export of GNOME Password Manager (gpass) files
- replaced the import/export druids with normal file selectors
- window size and position is stored on quit
- default type when adding entries is Generic
- vertical scrollbar only displayed when needed
- most dialogs can be closed by pressing Escape
- the OK button in password dialogs is ghosted until passwords are given
- removed schema installation from to ease packaging
- the preferences and import/export druids crashed on some systems
- the gconf schema is checked on startup, and reinstalled when needed
- fields containing & were not displayed correctly
- file selector was opened when saving file in quit confirmation
- spin buttons would not accept input from the keyboard
- missing parent directories are created when saving files
- added access keys to popup menus
- file selectors and the about dialog set as transient for main window
Code changes:
- rewrote data handling to use new Entry and Field objects,
and improved EntryStore, UndoQueue, DataFile and other
related systems
- data handlers split out into separate modules
- rewrote the configuration handling, using a new Config class
- merged application UI and functionality classes
- cleaned up dialog and ui code
2004-04-06: Revelation 0.3.0
New features:
- integrated password generator
- gconf integration
- new preference dialog
- option for automatically opening file on startup
- option for hiding passwords
- an opened file can be locked
- many small ui and usability improvements
- the Figaro's Password Manager importer failed on empty fields
- the password dialog allowed passwords longer than the keylength
of the encryption algorithms, causing them to fail
Other changes:
- complete rewrite of some components, and major cleanups of others
- removed the Usenet account type