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Upgrade to rspec-rails-2

Webrat and Capybara

Earlier 2.0.0.beta versions depended on Webrat. As of rspec-rails-2.0.0.beta.20, this dependency and offers you a choice of using webrat or capybara. Just add the library of your choice to your Gemfile.

Controller specs

islation from view templates

By default, controller specs do not render view templates. This keeps controller specs isolated from the content of views and their requirements.

NOTE that the template must exist, but it will not be rendered. This is different from rspec-rails-1.x, in which the template didn't need to exist, but ActionController makes a number of new decisions in Rails 3 based on the existence of the template. To keep the RSpec code free of monkey patches, and to keep the rspec user experience simpler, we decided that this would be a fair trade-off.

View specs

Rails changed the way it renders partials, so to set an expectation that a partial gets rendered:

view.should render_template(:partial => "widget/_row")


Earlier versions of the view generators generated stub_model with :new_record? => true. As of rspec-rails-2.0.0.rc, that is no longer recognized, so you need to change this:

stub_model(Widget, :new_record? => true)

to this:


Generators in 2.0.0 final release will do the latter.