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Rspec-2 for Rails-3

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RSpec-2 for Rails-3

Backwards compatibility

None. This is a rewrite of the rspec-rails extension designed to work with rails-3.x and rspec-2.x. It will not work with older versions of either rspec or rails.

Current state

Currently in super-pre-alpha state - explore at your own risk!


gem install rspec-rails --pre

Build from source and install:

git clone git://
cd rspec-dev

This installs the following gems:

  • rspec
  • rspec-core
  • rspec-expectations
  • rspec-mocks
  • rspec-rails

What works

Currently supported:

  • each example runs in its own transaction
    • not yet configurable
      • i.e. no way to turn this off
  • model specs in spec/models
  • controller specs in spec/controllers
  • request specs in spec/requests
    • these wrap rails integration tests
  • rails assertions
  • webrat matchers
  • generators

Known issues

  • no view specs
  • no helper specs
  • no routing specs
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