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To compile 'tcltklib', you must have Tcl/Tk libraries on your environment.
Although 'extconf.rb' script searches Tcl/Tk libraries and header files,
sometimes fails to find them. And then, 'tcltklib' cannot be compiled. If
Tcl/Tk libraries or header files are installed but are not found, you can
give the information by arguments of the 'configure' script. Please give
some or all of the following options.
force version of Tcl/Tk libaray
(e.g. ==> --with-tcltkversion=8.4g)
--with-tcllib=<libname> (e.g. ==> --with-tcllib=tcl8.4)
--with-tklib=<libname> (e.g. ==> --with-tklib=tk8.4)
--enable-tcltk-stubs (if you force to enable stubs)
equal to "--with-tcl-include=<path>/include --with-tcl-lib=<path>/lib"
equal to "--with-tk-include=<path>/include --with-tk-lib=<path>/lib"
--with-tcl-include=<dir> the directry contains 'tcl.h'
--with-tk-include=<dir> the directry contains 'tk.h'
--with-tcl-lib=<dir> the directry contains 'libtcl<version>.so'
--with-tk-lib=<dir> the directry contains 'libtk<version>.so'
--enable-mac-tcltk-framework (MacOS X) use Tcl/Tk framework
(Obsolete. Please use '--enable-tcltk-framework'.)
--enable-tcltk-framework use Tcl/Tk framework
--with-tcltk-framework=<dir> the directory contains Tcl/Tk framework;
"<dir>/Tcl.framework" and "<dir>/Tk.framework".
When this option is given, it is assumed that
--enable-tcltk-framework option is given also.
Tcl framework headers directory
(e.g. "/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Headers")
Tk framework headers directory
(e.g. "/Library/Frameworks/Tk.framework/Headers")
--with-X11 / --without-X11 use / not use the X Window System
equal to "--with-X11-include=<path>/include --with-X11-lib=<path>/lib"
--with-X11-include=<dir> the directry contais X11 header files
--with-X11-lib=<dir> the directry contais X11 libraries
If you forgot to give the options when do 'configure' on toplevel
directry of Ruby sources, please try something like as the followings.
$ cd ext/tcltklib
$ rm Makefile
$ CONFIGURE_ARGS='--with-tcl-include=/usr/local/include/tcl8.4/ --with-tcllib=tcl8.4 --with-tklib=tk8.4' ruby extconf.rb
When your Tcl/Tk libraries are compiled with "pthread support",
Ruby/Tk may cause "Hang-up" or "Segmentation Fault" frequently.
If you have such a trouble, please try to use the '--enable-pthread'
option of the 'configure' command and re-compile Ruby sources.
It may help you to avoid this trouble. The following configure
options may be useful.
--with-tclConfig-file=<path of ''>
It is not need that '' is a normal Tcl/Tk's
But the file is expected to include the line "TCL_THREADS=0" or "...=1".
When no "TCL_THREADS=?" line, if Tcl version is 7.x or 8.0 which is
given by "TCL_MAJOR_VERSION=?" line and "TCL_MINOR_VERSION=?" line,
then --disable-tcl-thread is expected. Else, ignore the ''.
If --enable-tcl-thread or --disable-tcl-thread option is given, then
--with-tclConfig-file option is ignored.
Hidetoshi NAGAI (
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