additional fixes voor Debian behavior #2

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daenney commented Jan 10, 2012


This pull request already contains some fixes you pulled in earlier. I've moved along and fixed any errors I came across during building and testing the packages and added the necessary extra's in postinst and postrm to use the update-alternatives system in Debian.

Have a look and grab what you need / want to integrate.

Daniele Sluijters added some commits Jan 10, 2012

debian: Add a suffix to the compiled binaries.
Adding a suffix ensures that different Ruby versions can be managed
through update-alternatives instead of overriding the default Ruby
version found by decending $PATH.

debian: Fix some additional stuff.
 * Unlink our hack before we build the debian package
 * We want ruby enterprise edition as the default ruby so make it so!
debian: Fix everything we accidentaly broke.
 * Make sure we fix the shebangs
 * Link and unlink /usr/local/bin/ruby during compilation
 * Use update-alternatives to default /usr/bin/ruby to 1.8.7ee and supporting tools (gem, rdoc etc.)
 * Update debian/control and bump the version number
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