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env.h -
created at: Mon Jul 11 11:53:03 JST 1994
Copyright (C) 1993-2003 Yukihiro Matsumoto
#ifndef ENV_H
#define ENV_H
extern struct FRAME {
VALUE self;
int argc;
ID last_func;
ID orig_func;
VALUE last_class;
struct FRAME *prev;
struct FRAME *tmp;
struct RNode *node;
int iter;
int flags;
unsigned long uniq;
} *ruby_frame;
void rb_gc_mark_frame _((struct FRAME *));
#define FRAME_DMETH 1
#define FRAME_FUNC 2
extern struct SCOPE {
struct RBasic super;
ID *local_tbl;
VALUE *local_vars;
int flags;
} *ruby_scope;
#define SCOPE_ALLOCA 0
#define SCOPE_MALLOC 1
#define SCOPE_CLONE 8
extern int ruby_in_eval;
extern VALUE ruby_class;
struct RVarmap {
struct RBasic super;
ID id;
VALUE val;
struct RVarmap *next;
extern struct RVarmap *ruby_dyna_vars;
#endif /* ENV_H */
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