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Version, 31.01.2009

  • introduced Workling.raises_exceptions. by default, this is true in test and development to help with bug tracking.
  • added :threaded as the default spawn runner for test and development. helps problem tracing.

Version, 29.11.08

  • turned Workling.load_path into an Array.

Version, 27.11.08

  • fixed raise exceptions if non existing worker methods are called

Version 0.4.2, 10.11.08

  • added information about invokers and clients to the readme
  • fixed dependence on amqp library
  • nicer error messages with amqp / rabbitmq

Version 0.4.1 08.11.08

  • added a generic client runner. deprecated starling_runner since it is now redundant
  • moved connection exception handling code into MemcacheQueueClient and out of pollers

Version 0.4.0, 04.11.08

  • more refactored clients and invokers. introduced clear base classes
  • support for 3 invoker strategies: basic poller, threaded poller, eventmachine subscriber
  • amqp support

Version 0.3.8, 03.11.08

  • full support for rudeq
  • refactored pollers. now now longer mainly about starling
  • refactored starling client, converted to generalized memcachequeue client.
  • changed runner script to be more generic

Version 0.3.1, 15.10.08

  • fixed to autodiscovery code bugs.
  • introduced Workling::VERSION
  • fixed test suite for the case that no memcache client is installed at all
  • fixed AR reconnecting code for Multicore systems (Thanks Brent)

Version 0.3, 25.09.08

  • added backgroundjob runner
  • added automatic detection of starling, spawn and backgroundjob to set default runner
  • made logging of exceptions more consistent across runners.
  • added friendlier error message if starling was started on the wrong port.
  • play nice without fiveruns-memcache-client.
  • added better documentation in README and RDOC

Version 0.2.5, 02.09.08

  • added automatic setting of spawn runner if the spawn plugin is installed.

Version 0.2.4, 08.06.08

  • accept both async_ and asynch_ as prefixes for workling method invocation. thank you francois beausoleil!
  • added memcached configuration options to workling.yml. see example yml for details. thank you larry diehl!
  • re-raise exceptions if there is a problem adding an item to the starling queue. thank you digitalronin!
  • added status script for starling client. thank you andrew carter!
  • applied patches from dave dupre:
    • added threading to starling poller. One polling thread can now be set to run per queue.
    • default routing no longer producing queues like a🅱️c, this was conflicting with MemCacheClient#stat
    • added handling for memcache exceptions
    • keep the database connection alive

Version 0.2.2, 15.02.08, rev 31

  • added blaine cook's suggestion: worklings can now (also) be invoked like this: YourWorkling.asynch_your_method(options)
  • added similar for remote store, which can now be called like this: Workling::Return::Store.set(:key, "value")

Version 0.2.1, 14.02.08 rev. 24

  • added WorklingError classes.
  • all runners now suppresses workling exceptions. This brings the local behaviour in line with the remote runners.

Version 0.2, 13.02.08 rev. 21

  • progress bars or returning results now possible with return stores. use these to communicate back from your workling.
  • memory store for testing and starling store added.
  • now generates uids for workling jobs. these are returned by the runner.
  • extracted Workling::Clients::Starling
  • clearer file structure for workling

Version 0.1, 06.02.08