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Todos for 0.5.0

  • add a linting runner for tests. should check that no ar objects are being passed around
  • add a mechanism for requiring models, for those people who insist on passing models across the wire
  • add reloading of workers if Rails.reload?
  • write some code that knows if the client should be started, and gives out a warning
  • add a configuration option for SERVER/CLIENT
  • add phusion daemon starter option so that workling_client doesn't need to be started manually on SERVER
  • write some more documentation on the above issues and on standard remote setup.
  • create a public forum, rdoc site
  • try to reduce user error in setting environments correctly
  • add beanstalkd runner
  • refactor starling* to be memcache*. add aliased classes into deprecated.rb.
  • look into create method. is this being called more often than intended?
  • add some monit and god scripts as starters
  • try to catch more user setup errors which lead to worker code not being called

Todos for 1.0

  • gemify
  • move all runner/invoker implementations out of workling
  • move backend discovery code out of workling
  • decide on a single backend to include in workling
  • merb support
  • test on jruby
  • more runners: sqs
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