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clavim (latin acc. for "key")
clavim is (going to be) a better C, C++, and Obj-C syntax highlighter for vim
based on libclang from the Clang project in the LLVM tree
To run the plugin, you need the latest libclang you can get your hands on. To
do that, follow the instructions at:
Once you have libclang in your path, copy:
to your vim's plugins folder (on mine it's $HOME/.vim/plugin)
Also, your vim needs to be compiled in such a way that you can script it with
python. I'm using the vim I found in Debian's apt repository, and it came
precompiled with python support.
- find a way to track member variables once they've been highlighted so as
not to have to have to reparse the AST every time I want to update the
highlight's absolute position
- perhaps use libclang to highlight lines that have syntax errors?