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au FileType c,cpp,h,hpp call <SID>ClavimInit()
let s:plugin_path = escape(expand('<sfile>:p:h'), '\')
hi clavimMember ctermbg=Cyan ctermfg=Black guibg=#8CCBEA guifg=Black
hi clavimError ctermbg=Red ctermfg=Black guibg=Red guifg=Black
function! s:ClavimInit()
exe 'pyfile ' . s:plugin_path . '/'
set ut=100 " the time in milliseconds after a keystroke when you want to reparse the AST
python clavim_init()
call s:ClavimHighlightMemberExpressions()
"au CursorHold,CursorHoldI <buffer> call <SID>ClavimHighlightMemberExpressions()
au InsertChange,InsertEnter,InsertLeave <buffer> call <SID>ClavimHighlightMemberExpressions()
function! s:ClavimHighlightMemberExpressions()
call <SID>ClavimClearHighlights()
python highlight_expressions()
function! s:ClavimClearHighlights()
syn clear clavimMember