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// Package collection groups related pages into named collections. This can be
// useful for presenting blog posts on your front page, and displaying summary
// information about other types of content on your website. It can be used in
// conjunction with the "pager" plugin to create large collections which are
// split across several pages.
package collection
import (
// A Comparer callback function is used to sort files within a collection group.
type Comparer func(i, j *goldsmith.File) (less bool)
// Collection chainable plugin context.
type Collection struct {
collectionKey string
groupsKey string
comparer Comparer
groups map[string][]*goldsmith.File
files []*goldsmith.File
mutex sync.Mutex
// New creates a new instance of the Collection plugin.
func New() *Collection {
return &Collection{
collectionKey: "Collection",
groupsKey: "Groups",
comparer: nil,
groups: make(map[string][]*goldsmith.File),
// CollectionKey sets the metadata key used to access the collection name (default: "Collection").
// The metadata associated with this key can be either a single string or an array of strings.
func (plugin *Collection) CollectionKey(collectionKey string) *Collection {
plugin.collectionKey = collectionKey
return plugin
// GroupsKey sets the metadata key used to store information about collection groups (default: "Groups").
// This information is stored as a mapping of group names to contained files.
func (plugin *Collection) GroupsKey(groupsKey string) *Collection {
plugin.groupsKey = groupsKey
return plugin
// Comparer sets the function used to sort files in collection groups (default: sort by filenames).
func (plugin *Collection) Comparer(comparer Comparer) *Collection {
plugin.comparer = comparer
return plugin
func (*Collection) Name() string {
return "collection"
func (*Collection) Initialize(context *goldsmith.Context) (goldsmith.Filter, error) {
return wildcard.New("**/*.html", "**/*.htm"), nil
func (plugin *Collection) Process(context *goldsmith.Context, inputFile *goldsmith.File) error {
defer func() {
inputFile.Meta[plugin.groupsKey] = plugin.groups
plugin.files = append(plugin.files, inputFile)
collectionRaw, ok := inputFile.Meta[plugin.collectionKey]
if !ok {
return nil
var collectionNames []string
switch t := collectionRaw.(type) {
case string:
collectionNames = append(collectionNames, t)
case []string:
collectionNames = append(collectionNames, t...)
for _, collectionName := range collectionNames {
files, _ := plugin.groups[collectionName]
files = append(files, inputFile)
plugin.groups[collectionName] = files
return nil
func (plugin *Collection) Finalize(context *goldsmith.Context) error {
for _, files := range plugin.groups {
fg := &fileSorter{files, plugin.comparer}
for _, file := range plugin.files {
return nil
type fileSorter struct {
files []*goldsmith.File
comparer Comparer
func (fs fileSorter) Len() int {
return len(fs.files)
func (fs fileSorter) Swap(i, j int) {
fs.files[i], fs.files[j] = fs.files[j], fs.files[i]
func (fs fileSorter) Less(i, j int) bool {
if fs.comparer == nil {
return strings.Compare(fs.files[i].Path(), fs.files[j].Path()) < 0
return fs.comparer(fs.files[i], fs.files[j])
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