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package goldsmith
// Plugin contains the minimum set of methods required on plugins. Plugins can
// also optionally implement Initializer, Processor, and Finalizer interfaces.
type Plugin interface {
Name() string
// Initializer is used to optionally initialize a plugin and to specify a
// filter to be used for determining which files will be processed.
type Initializer interface {
Initialize(context *Context) (Filter, error)
// Processor allows for optional processing of files passing through a plugin.
type Processor interface {
Process(context *Context, file *File) error
// Finalizer allows for optional finalization of a plugin after all files
// queued in the chain have passed through it.
type Finalizer interface {
Finalize(context *Context) error
// Filter is used to determine which files should continue in the chain.
type Filter interface {
Name() string
Accept(file *File) (bool, error)
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