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An application based around saving you money on food waste, and saving the planet
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Welcome to USE BY

by Angie Renfro

Technical Leads: Ricky Burner and Elvis Hernandez

Contributors: Kayla Reid, Klaus Hardt, David Taylor, Dejan Stjepanovic, Jennifer Dutton, Karen Callahan, and Helen Chalmers

What is USE BY?

This single page web app serves as a tool to assist users to waste less food. It saves time and money, resulting in less landfill waste. The user ultimately becomes a more conscious consumer by tracking habit history.

How does USE BY work?

  • Upon successful login, User views individualized food inventory.
  • User inputs inventory via suggested food items or adds an item to list provided by a search bar.
  • USE BY tracks the expiration date of purchased perishable foods, allowing the user to easily prioritize what should be eaten next.
  • USE BY starts an automatic date-time countdown upon addition of food item to inventory. Items in the user's inventory list are displayed by earliest spoilage date descending with extra emphasis on food items within 2 days of final spoilage date.
  • Data of user’s consumption and waste represented by money lost to spoilage populates to incentivize the user to modify their behavior. Total money lost to spoilage is represented at the top of the data page. Below, spoiled items are listed in descending order highlighting the most spoiled items at the top of the page.

How to use the app

  1. Fork it then git clone the repository
  2. Run this code in terminal

clone repo

git clone (link you copied from the repo)
npm install

cd to api and run JSON

 json-server -p 5002 -w database.json

Host App from root directory

npm start

Contributors Github Links

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