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ALPHA This is code is under development – your feedback will help us to improve it.

Reference Number Generation tooling (fsa-rn)

About FSA-RN

Tooling and specification to support the generation of Reference Numbers in particular for a Food Business Establishment Registration.


The specification provides a standard for the provision of reference numbers.

The specification is implemented with specific code that can be run as part of a digital service within one or more of those organisations. The reference numbers provided would be stored in data and provided as a reference number in a digital service at the point of creation.

See the Rational and overview pages on the wiki for more detail.

Current development phase

This is in the Alpha phase of development. We use the alpha phase to: build prototypes of our services, test with users and in this case third-party suppliers and to show services are technically possible.

  • Document Version 0.1

  • Specification Version 0.1

  • The initial Java implementation (java-rn - Version 0.0.1)

  • Further implementations are expected following initial testing discussions

  • A JavaScript implementation to support Reference Number verification is planned following initial testing phase

Documentation and specification

See the project Wiki for the specification and other documentation such as context, rational and detail on the underlying methods. Note the Implementation and alpha notes for further details on the considerations to be aware of and this includes known areas that may change post Alpha

Getting started

  • See the specification documentation
  • choose the code implementation (currently java-rn only)
  • In implementation of the specification and code there is a need to assure that only one generator can operate with the combination of parameters: authority, instance and type this is may mean that direct client side browser implementations of the generator are problematic (and a server side implementation is required)


We would like to understand and problems with the design or approach that you may have. Please feedback to: or add an Issue


Tooling and specification to support the generation of Reference Numbers in particular for Food Business Establishment Registration








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