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How do I download Jazztronauts?

There are two different ways to download Jazztronauts. First, you can go to the Steam Workshop and find either the Jazztronauts - Vanilla collection if you want the addon on its own, or the Jazztronauts – Recommended pack if you’d like to bundle in some addons we think makes the mode even more entertaining. If using the Steam Workshop version of Jazztronauts, it is critical to make sure you are subscribed to all three pieces of the mod! If you are not subscribed to the base pack and both content packs, the mod will not function properly! Always double check this first if you have a problem!

The other way to get the files is to go to GitHub and click the green button near the top right to download the source code as a .zip file.

How do I install Jazztronauts?

If you’re subscribed to Jazztronauts via Steam Workshop, the mod will install itself the next time you open Gmod. If you got it off GitHub, unzip the .zip you downloaded into GarrysMod’s addons folder!

How do I start a game of Jazztronauts?

Gmod’s user interface is a little unintuitive, to say the least, so don’t worry if you got stuck. The first step is to look at the bottom right of the screen, to the game mode selection widget. If you click it, it should look something like this:


**Click the Jazztronauts mode. **Then, go back up to Start New Game in the top left, and click it. You’ll see a big window with map types listed – Jazztronauts should be there. If it isn’t, make sure you’re subscribed to all three content packs on the Workshop, or have installed the game correctly. When you click it, it should look like this:


Next, go over to the top right and click the button that says Single Player.


Do NOT keep it on 'single player' even if you want to play a solo game! For solo play, change it to two players, disable peer to peer, and enable local server. Read below for why that’s necessary.

For everyone else, this is where you define the player cap of your session, and can enable friends only mode. We believe the best experience with the game is with 3 to 6 players, and that it will likely function Okay at up to 16 players, but any more than that and you’re putting your fate in your own hands. To play the game with friends, you must enable peer-to-peer mode, and if you want to limit players to people on your friends list, tick the supplementary peer-to-peer: friends only box!

Once that’s set up, select the jazz_bar map, and you’re all set!

I see a bunch of models that say ERROR and everything’s covered in horrible pink and black checkerboard, help!

Gmod expects players to have locally saved copies of the assets used in maps. If they don’t, it shows broken textures and ERROR models. While some maps may have these errors due to niche assets we can’t account for, or just plain shabby design, the majority of these errors come from not having assets from Valve games. For best results, the assets provided with Half-Life 2, HL2: Episodes 1 & 2, Counterstrike Source (not CSGO!), and Team Fortress 2 should be installed on your computer or server while playing Jazztronauts. The game is technically playable if you don’t have any of those, it’s just going to look REAL ugly when you go to other maps.

How does Jazztronauts save progress?

Jazztronauts stores progression data on the computer of the person hosting a session, or the dedicated server being used. This means that if you play a session of Jazztronauts hosted by Friend A, and play another hosted by Friend B, you will not transfer any of your progress over, and instead be awarded money based on the progression of Friend B’s sessions. If you play Jazztronauts consistently with the same people, the same person should always host the game, so you can maintain your progress. Dedicated servers do not need any special treatment – anyone who’s played on the server before will maintain their progress when they return (unless the server has been reset), and new players will be caught up to the current progression level.

How do I reset progress?

Enter 'jazz_reset_progress yep, dump it' into the console.

I keep getting script errors, and things don’t seem to be working right. What gives?

Are you trying to play a solo game? The “Single Player” option in the top right of the Start New Game menu does not actually work. The scripting in Jazztronauts only works when a player limit of 2 or more has been selected. If, however, you disable peer-to-peer and enable the Local Server option, you will stay offline and be able to play the game on your own.


If you’re playing a solo game, your options should look like this!

How do I support the developers?

You can follow us on Twitter at @JazzSourceMod if you aren’t already. If any member of the team goes on to do similar projects, we’ll use the account to advertise them. You can also tell your friends about us, or stream the game! We’ve gotten the audience we have almost entirely through word-of-mouth and streams. Lastly, we’ve set up a Ko-fi at www.ko-fi.com/jazzsourcemod as a digital tip jar if you want to express your generosity that way. To be completely up front, any donations we get through it will not make further development more likely – we’d just be bewildered at your generosity and appreciate it a lot.

Updated based on common problems so far:

I skipped the intro somehow and now I can't progress, how do I go back?

Open the console with ` and enter: changelevel jazz_intro

I can't find a mission item? Is there a way to skip through to a different mission?

We are now aware that some missions are a little too restrictive. We plan on fixing this at some point in the future, but we highly advise using the following workaround if you are starting to become frustrated: using the following console command: jazz_missions_add

Example: jazz_missions_add 5 This would add five steps of progress to whatever missions you have at the time. So if you're collecting paintcans, dolls, melons and chairs, you would gain five of each. You can use this method to rapidly progress through the story content.

The Jazztronauts maps aren't showing up when I go to start a new game?

You'll need to double check that you changed the mode from Sandbox to Jazztronauts in the bottom right hand corner of the UI when starting a new game. Either that or the workshop corrupted your download, or you aren't subscribed to both the other required content packs on the workshop.

The prop snatcher isn't working?

We're still looking into this problem, but the most likely culprit is a conflict with another addon - particularly if you have any weapon addons installed. Uninstalling them one at a time and testing is at this juncture the most effective option to fix this. If you find out which addon was causing the conflict in your case, please contact us either @JazzSourceMod on twitter, on the workshop page for Jazztronauts, or at jazzsourcemod@gmail.com so we can aggregate a list of known conflicts and post it here.

Edit: Should be fixed!

There's errors in cutscenes and floating cats?

This has been fixed as of new updates to the game. If you would like to rewatch an event that was previously broken, use the following formatting:

jazz_debug_runscript .

Here's an example for a Singer event: jazz_debug_runscript npc_cat_sing.event0.begin Enter a number between 0-5 to watch the corresponding event!

The event id flags for each cat are:

npc_cat_sing npc_cat_bar npc_cat_cello npc_cat_piano

I can't progress through the intro?

If you have followed all above guidelines for installing and getting the game running, and you still cannot progress through the intro, open the console and enter: changelevel jazz_bar This should allow you to progress directly to the bar and obtain your prop snatcher.

The map selector and trolley summon is broken?

This should have been fixed as of new updates to the game! Please ensure your copy of the game is up to date via exiting and then restarting the gmod client.

Edit: The previous issue should be fixed. The hitbox is now the entire tv! If yours is not working, please check the list of confirmed conflicted addons, and consider disabling others.

Are there official servers? I found someone claiming to run one.

[b]No, there are not any official Jazztronauts servers, and none are planned at this time.[/b] The Jazz team in no way endorses or is affiliated with people claiming to run "Official" servers and advise avoiding any advertised as such.

I tried to join a server but it says my bsp is different?

The server you are trying to join likely needs to upgrade their copy of the game to the newest version, or you do. Uninstall the game and reinstall, and if that doesn't work, delete your addon folder to force a clean installation.

The Jazztronauts loading screen is showing up when I try to play something else in Sandbox mode?

Enter the following into your console to resolve this issue: sv_loadingurl "" The loading screen is only changed if it isn't already set.

I'm in NG+ and I'm having trouble with endgame content aver visiting a different story map?

Try going to a normal map via the map selector and returning to the bar. If that doesn't work, try the normal steps for uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If that also doesn't work, you can manually send yourself to the next step in the event by entering the following into the console: changelevel jazz_outro2

The game crashed and froze during NG+ content and I lost all my progress! Can I get it back?

This one is unfortunate and we're not sure why it happens yet. You can't restore your progress as it was, but you can just zoom back to where you were using the following console command: jazz_missions_add

Example: jazz_missions_add 5 This would add five steps of progress to whatever missions you have at the time. So if you're collecting paintcans, dolls, melons and chairs, you would gain five of each. You can use this method to rapidly progress through the story content.

Are there any conflicting addons?

Thanks to the help of some kind people on the workshop, here are addons that were confirmed to conflict with the game:

  • Advanced Cloak - Causes issues with the bar's map selector TV
  • The Aperture - Causes issues with the bar's map selector TV
  • Atmos - Causes script errors
  • Improved Stealth Mod - Causes script errors
  • SOMA Nextbots
  • Back to Deathpoint
  • Link's Player Resizer Revived
  • Ragdoll Resizer - (May or may not actually be incompatible, use at own risk)
  • Permapoly Weld and Prop Shrinker
  • < /DLib > - (Spaces added between <> to avoid breaking formatting) was spamming errors
  • HL2 Revamped and New Weapons - Causes script errors
  • Advanced Nanosuit - Causes stolen props to just disappear instead of being taken by Kleiners and breaks the Run weapon
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