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Add iterator for container #4

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I've added iterator to container. I use it in phone, e-mail... list where an add button is at last row.

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Commits on Apr 18, 2011
  1. add iterator to begin container

    Jan Pecek authored
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  1. +2 −2 FormMacros.php
4 FormMacros.php
@@ -162,10 +162,10 @@ public static function inputValue($name, $modifiers = array()) {
public static function macroBeginDynamicContainer($content) {
list($name) = self::fetchNameAndModifiers($content);
- return '$dynamicContainers = Addons\Forms\FormMacros::getControl('.$name.')->getComponents(); Addons\Forms\FormMacros::beginContainer('.$name.'); foreach($dynamicContainers as $dynamicContainerName => $dynamicContainer): Addons\Forms\FormMacros::beginContainer($dynamicContainerName);';
+ return '$dynamicContainers = Addons\Forms\FormMacros::getControl('.$name.')->getComponents(); Addons\Forms\FormMacros::beginContainer('.$name.'); foreach($iterator = $_l->its[] = new Nette\SmartCachingIterator($dynamicContainers) as $dynamicContainerName => $dynamicContainer): Addons\Forms\FormMacros::beginContainer($dynamicContainerName);';
public static function macroEndDynamicContainer($content) {
- return "Addons\Forms\FormMacros::endContainer(); endforeach; Addons\Forms\FormMacros::endContainer();";
+ return 'Addons\Forms\FormMacros::endContainer(); endforeach; array_pop($_l->its); $iterator = end($_l->its); Addons\Forms\FormMacros::endContainer();';
// </editor-fold>
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