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Table of content

This repo is the table of content of the ForEvolve projects.


All released packages are available on

To reference all application packages, you can Install-Package ForEvolve.App or dotnet add package ForEvolve.App. You can also reference packages individually, like Install-Package ForEvolve.AspNetCore.Localization or dotnet add package ForEvolve.AspNetCore.Localization.

Prerelease packages

All prerelease packages are available in the following MyGet feed: NuGet V3 feed.

You can see the *-upsilon-* packages as alpha or pre-alpha but upsilon is more original and fun imho. Until it cause too much confusion (if it does). Moving forward, I will trade fun for usability; NuGet clients order those pre-release prefixes alphabetically, so using upsilon was a bad idea after all: u[psilon] comes after a[lpha], b[eta], C[I], and R[C].

How to use a custom NuGet feed?

I wrote How to use a custom NuGet feed in Visual Studio 2017 article to help get started with the framwork (or any custom feed for that matter).

MyGet feed URI:

.NET Standard/Core Projects

ForEvolve MetaPackages

Build Status

ForEvolve MetaPackages contains the following metapackages:


The ForEvolve.App metapackage references other ForEvolve.* packages. The test helpers (for unit, integration or ... testing) are not included in the MetaPackage since they are not needed for application code (you can load them separatly).

That package allows users to use the ForEvolve toolbox without knowing the packages division. If you prefer to reference packages individually, you can do it to; its up to you.

ForEvolve Framework

VSTS build build status

ForEvolve Framework is the main repository that contain multiple projects like AspNetCore helpers, ApplicationInsights, Azure helpers, and DynamicInternalServerError. That project is a toolbox to boost productivity, I've centralized boilerplate code and utilities there.

Please visit the project repository for more information.

AspNetCore Localization

forevolve MyGet Build Status

AspNetCore Localization allows you to localize Asp.Net Core 2 validation attributes in a few line of code.

There are a few supported languages already, including English and French. Doing a translation is very easy, so if your language is missing, feel free to contribute.

Please visit the project repository for more information.

Other repositories

How to contribute

First, thank you for your interest and please read Contributing to ForEvolve open source projects for more information.

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct

Also, please read the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct that applies to all ForEvolve repositories.


If possible, please use one of the following templates when opening an issue: