Application for real-time visualizing of Mandelbrot set.
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Mandelbrot is program for real-time visualizing of the Mandelbrot set. Points are drawn with various colors according to 'depth' (how many iterations taken to determine that point is NOT part of Mandelbrot set). If point really IS part of set, it will be drawn with black color.



On Windows, install vcpkg and invoke build-windows.ps1 script. Consult the script parameters for additional information.

After that, the program can be built with Visual Studio 2017; open build/Mandelbrot.sln file.

On Linux, install the necessary developer packages and start CMake afterwards:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..

Starting the program

Windowed mode with window size W x H:

$ Mandelbrot W H

Fullscreen mode:

$ Mandelbrot --full

Windowed with default window size:

$ Mandelbrot

Please note that running with big window size or fullscreen takes many system resources.


You can just relax and watch as Mandelbrot set view is zooming on your screen. Default zoom position in selected for some interesting figures showing in it.

  • Arrow keys: change projection center
  • ESC: exit