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This is the site source code. It uses ForneverMind — a simple homemade blog engine mainly written in F# programming language.


ForneverMind requires recent Node.js installation both for building and for running.


Backend reads its settings from the standard appsettings.json file. The available settings are:

  • baseUrl: URL to listen when started



To compile frontend part, you'll need a recent (6.9.1+) Node.js installation. The bundled Yarn package manager will be automatically executed on build.


There's an additional talks archive included as a git submodule in this repository. To prepare tasks for build, use the Scripts/Prepare-Talks.ps1 script.


To compile the backend, you'll need a .NET Core 2.1 installation.

Here's a sample build script:

$ dotnet build
$ cd ForneverMind
$ dotnet run


$ cd ForneverMind.Tests && dotnet test


To prepare the artifact for publishing, run the following:

$ dotnet publish ./ForneverMind --configuration Release --output out

The site is published as a Docker instance, see Dockerfile. There's a convenience script to publish the site via docker-compose.

Other components

  1. EvilPlanner meant to be an integral part of the site, but it need to be installed separately.
  2. uses an easy-to-install Disqus comment system.