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import urllib2
import json
import time
global lastID
lastID = 0
refresh = 15 #refresh time in secs
urlRoot = ""
#retrieve and load the JSON data into a JSON object
def getJSON(url):
jsonFeed = urllib2.urlopen(urlRoot + url)
feedData =
#print feedData
data = json.loads(feedData)
return data
#use the JSON object to identify the colour in use,
#update the last entry_id processed
def parseColour(feed):
global lastID
print feed["created_at"], feed["field1"]
lastID = getEntryID(feed)
#read the last entry_id
def getEntryID(feed):
return int(feed["entry_id"])
#main program
#process the currently available list of colours
data = getJSON("feed.json")
for feed in data["feeds"]:
#check for new colour requests
while True:
data = getJSON("field/1/last.json")
if getEntryID(data) > lastID: #Have processed this entry_id before?