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A javascript library for diffing text and generating corresponding HTML views. This is a fork of cemerick/jsdifflib which has been updated for use with browserify and node.js

NPM version


npm install jsdifflib


jsdifflib is a Javascript library that provides:

  1. a partial reimplementation of Python’s difflib module (specifically, the SequenceMatcher class)
  2. a visual diff view generator, that offers side-by-side as well as inline formatting of file data

It puts data in a simple table that can be easilly re-styled using CSS

jsdifflib does not require jQuery or any other Javascript library.


var difflib = require('jsdifflib');

function getDiff(baseTextRaw, newTextRaw) {
  // build the diff view and return a DOM node
  return diffview.buildView({
      baseText: baseText,
      newText: newText,
      // set the display titles for each resource
      baseTextName: "Base Text",
      newTextName: "New Text",
      contextSize: 10,
      //set inine to true if you want inline
      //rather than side by side diff
      inline: true

document.body.appendChild(getDiff('source', 'destination'));