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Define Form

Define form offers alternative typescript bindings for final-form. The key difference is that the form data is now a strongly typed object, rather than an any. This makes the initialValues config option required.


yarn add define-form


import defineForm from 'define-form';

interface FormState {
  name: string;
type ErrorValue = string;
const form = defineForm<FormState, ErrorValue>({
  initialValues: {name: ''}, // required
  onSubmit, // required

// Subscribe to form state updates
const unsubscribe = form.subscribe(
  formState => {
    // Update UI
  { // FormSubscription: the list of values you want to be updated about
    dirty: true,
    valid: true,
    values: true

// Subscribe to field state updates
const unregisterField = form.registerField(
  fieldState => {
    // Update field UI
    const { blur, change, focus, } = fieldState
    // In addition to the values you subscribe to, field state also
    // includes functions that your inputs need to update their state.
  { // FieldSubscription: the list of values you want to be updated about
    active: true,
    dirty: true,
    touched: true,
    valid: true,
    value: true

// Submit
form.submit() // only submits if all validation passes

If you like this, you may also want to check out react-define-form



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