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A simple up down ui-element for indicating sort direction in column headings (using svg)
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A sorter control for JavaScript (just a simple SVG up down arrow).

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$ npm install sorter


Creates a simple svg image with three states and appends it to each column:

diagram of three states

var sorter = require('sorter');

  .on('sort', function (table, columnHeader, direction) {
    //table is the table element
    //column header is the `<th>` element
    //direction is either `'up'` or `'down'`
  .on('clear', function (table) {
    //return to default sorting


TableSorter(table, options)

var TableSorter = require('sorter')

Add sorters to the table, which can either be a selector string that selects a single element, or an element.

options is an optional object with the following properties:

name type default description
th string 'th' A selector, relative to the table element, for a collection of table headers (or an array of table headers)
sortControl function SVG up-down arrow This is a function that returns a SortControl when passed a table header and the options object. If this is set, all options below this are ignored.
sorter string 'sorter' A class to be added to the sorter
up string 'sorter-up' A class to be added to the sorter when it is pointing up
down string 'sorter-down' A class to be added to the sorter when it is pointing down
upArrow string 'sorter-up-arrow' A class to be added to the sorter's up arrow
downArrow string 'sorter-down-arrow' A class to be added to the sorter's down arrow

The following CSS is also added to the page (and can be overriden in your own CSS)

.sorter {
  width: 1em;
  height: 1em;
.sorter-down .sorter-up-arrow {
  display: none;
.sorter-up .sorter-down-arrow {
  display: none;


Table sorter emits the following events:

  • sort
  • clear

Each get the table element as their first argument. The 'sort' event additionally gets the ColumnHeader and Direction. The Direction is a string and either'up'or'down'`.


sort(th, direction, silent)

Update the table so that the given header is sorted in the given direction. If no direction is provided this acts as a toggle. If silent is true, the 'sort' event is not emitted.


Remove all sorting from the table. If silent is true, the 'clear' event is not emitted.


You can return a custom SortControl from the sortControl function to replace the default up-down arrow implementation. It must have up, down and clear as methods.

For example, if you wanted to just have the text (up) and (down) instead of up and down arrows, you could try something like the following.

var sorter = require('sorter')
function sortControl(th) {
  var el = null
  function up() {
    el = document.createTextNode(' (up)')
  function down() {
    el = document.createTextNode(' (down)')
  function clear() {
    if (el) {
      el = null
  return {up: up, down: down, clear: clear}
sorter('#table-id', {sortControl: sortControl})

Note that if all you wanted to do was modify something like the colour, you'd be better off just adding some CSS using the default styles.



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