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marked with syntax highlighting and ascii-math by default

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Marked with syntax highlighting and ascii-math by default


var marked = require('supermarked');
marked('markdown string', options);

Extensions currently supported

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting using highlight.js is enabled by default for code samples (requires css to actually have an impact)


You can create math in two ways, it can go inline in a paragraph like $e^(i pi)=-1$ or it can be a block

$e^(i pi)=-1$

To have it like a block, simply indent it 4 spaces like code and surround with $ signs.


You can use service: @user anywhere to mention someone and it will turn into a social link. Supported services are twitter, github, npm, and facebook. All of them are case sensetive and the space between : and @ is optional.

In addition to this there is local: @user which becomes a link to /user/:user: (where :user: is replaced with the username of the person being mentioned). This is also aliased as the default if you just type @user

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