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Dart Force is a Realtime web framework for Dart. We will make it easy for you to create realtime applications with it in Dart, like a chat, interactive dashboard, multiplayer games, ...

How does it work?


First of all you need a server to handle incoming messages and dispatch or handle this messages correctly.

import "package:force/force_serverside.dart";

ForceServer fs = new ForceServer();

main() {
  fs.server.use("/", (req, model) => "dartforcetodo");

  fs.start().then((_) {
    fs.on("add", (vme, sender) {
      fs.send("update", vme.json);

The client can listen to messages:

ForceClient fc;
void main() {
  fc = new ForceClient();
  fc.onConnected.listen((e) {
    fc.on("update", (fme, sender) {

You can also send messages:

InputElement input = querySelector("#input");
var data = {"todo": input.value};
fc.send("add", data);

It is a little bit inspired by for the communication flow.

Quick starter guide

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