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Create your own viewrender

joris hermans edited this page Jan 24, 2015 · 1 revision

But you can also write your own 'ForceViewRender' implementation as follow. This is not needed when you are happy with the mustacheRender engine!

class FancyRender extends ForceViewRender {
  FancyRender(ServingAssistent servingAssistent, [views = "../views/", clientFiles = "../build/web/", clientServe = true]) : super(servingAssistent, views, clientFiles, clientServe);
  String _render_impl(String template, model) {
    // render logic of your template + model will become your output
    return fancy_render(template, model);

And register your FancyRender as a component as follow:

class OwnConfig {
  ServingAssistent servingAssistent;
  ForceViewRender viewRender() {
     return new FancyRender(servingAssistent);
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