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De Slechtst Denkbare App

A "Slechtst Denkbare" improv game display app - live at

A little web app that was originally developed for showing suggestions at our "World's Worst" improv show at Cafe The Joker in september 2015, but is now used for training and performing quick-fire improv games in the style of "Lines You Wouldn't Hear" or "Worst possible ".

  • The app remembers which cards it has already shown to you, even over multiple sessions. You can reset this using the options menu.
  • For performances, you can configure how often the audience should be involved in making a suggestion. (Every X cards).
  • Thanks to Twinters, the app is now a mobile-compatible web app you can add to your home screen.
  • Suggestions for content to be added can be made using this form.


We would like to thank our sponsors for covering our hosting and URL costs. If you use the app in your improv team or for a performance, please consider donating to help.

As seen in/on:

On some occasions, the app has been used with a live audience. You might have seen it. Drop us a line at slechtstdenkbare(at) if you use it in your show!