Eye training game based on Ultimeyes for iOS
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This is an incomplete game based on the four or five seconds of video describing the treatment used in this article.

What's going on?

You're presented with a grey screen. On this screen, little splotches will fade into view. You are to click them. The smaller and more faded the splotch, the more points you get. You're also awarded for clicking quickly.


Well, according to the article, these baseball players were able to improve their distance vision dramatically with a relatively small course of treatments. That seems like a thing I wanted to do, so I did.

Why did you write this? The app already exists

I understand there's an app they wrote that's involved, but in an ironic display of short-sightedness, they wrote it in iOS - so people who have other hardware are SOL. I figured, if I was going to write something that I wanted to play, I'd write it so it'd work on anything, therefore, HTML5.

You can play a demo here