Simple FTP Server & Client Written in Go(简单的文件传输工具)
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File Transfer Tool (文件传输工具)

This project is a simple file transfer tool, written in Golang 1.6. If you have any problems/ideas, please email me, or open your PR. I feel honored to learn from your help .


There are two files server.go and client.go, you should put them under different paths. To build the executable files, you need to configure the Golang properly first. The install guide may help you.


  • Both server.exe and client.exe have help guide, you can use --help to see the parameters.
  • server.exe has two parameters, host and port, which assigns where the server listening. You need to assign a password for you server after executing it.
  • client.exe has two parameters, host and port, point where the client should connect. You need to input password to get authorisation after connection.

Support Commands

version v0.1 supports the following commands temporarily. The buffer size is set to 4MB, you can resize it. The clocker for sending/receiving files is 1e3 ns, you can change it to influence the speed of transmitting. The current transmitting speed is about 2.5M/s in local machines.

  • cd: change current path
  • ls or dir: get file info
  • put: put local file to remote sever
  • get: get file from remote server
  • pwd: get current path


  • 2016-9-15: Add project.
  • 2016-10-18: Finish basic functions, version v0.1. Build repository.
  • 2016-10-19: Update recv function.
  • 2016-10-31:Fix help message in server and client.


All codes in this repository are licensed under the terms you may find in the file named "LICENSE" in this directory.