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🌱 Official Laravel Liana for Forest
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Forest Laravel Liana

The official Laravel liana for Forest. Forest is a modern admin interface (see the live demo) that works on all major web frameworks. forestadmin/forest-laravel is the package that makes Forest admin work on any Laravel application.


Visit Forest's website, enter your email and click "Get started". You will then follow a 4-step process:

  1. Choose your stack (Laravel)
  2. Install Forest Liana
composer require forestadmin/forest-laravel

 Next, if you're using Laravel 5.4 or below, add the service provider to config/app.php


Still in the console, enter this command to install the config file in the config/ directory.

php artisan vendor:publish

Generate a secret key for your application on, and configure the config/forest.php file like this:

return [
  'secret_key' => 'YOUR-SUPER-SECRET-SECRET-KEY', // Insert the secret key provided by Forest
  'auth_key' => 'YOUR-SUPER-SECRET-AUTH-KEY', // Choose a secret to secure your data access
  'models_path' => 'app/models' // Specify the path of your Laravel models

You may use the laravel cache for configuration. In this case, you must re-generate it:

php artisan config:cache

Finally, you need to generate a mapping of your database schema and send it to running the following command:

$ php artisan forest:send-apimap
  1. Get your app running, provide your application URL and check if you have successfully installed Forest Liana on your app.
  2. Choose your credentials, log into and start customizing your admin interface! 🎉

NOTE: If you’re stuck, can’t get something working or need some help, feel free to contact the Forest team at

How it works

Installing forestadmin/forest-laravel into your app will automatically generate an admin REST API for your app. This API allows the Forest admin UI to communicate with your app and operate on your data. Note that data from your app will never reach Forest's servers. Only your UI configuration is saved. As this package is open-source, you're free to extend the admin REST API for any operation specific to your app.

How to contribute

This liana is officially maintained by Forest. We're always happy to get contributions for other fellow lumberjacks. All contributions will be reviewed by Forest's team before being merged into master.

Here is the contribution workflow:

  1. Fork the repo on GitHub
  2. Clone the project to your own machine
  3. Commit changes to your own branch
  4. Push your work back up to your fork
  5. Submit a Pull request so that we can review your changes


GPL v3

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