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ForestClaw ( is a parallel, multi-block adaptive finite volume code for solving PDEs on a hierarchy of logically Cartesian meshes.

NOTE to BitBucket users : If you are reading this on our former BitBucket site, please navigate immediately to our new GitHub site, at This site will no longer be updated.

NOTE to GitHub users : If you are reading this on our new GitHub site, lucky you! You are can clone the latest repository from here.

Features of ForestClaw :

  • A multi-resolution hierarchy of grids is stored as a composite structure of non- overlapping fixed sized grids which are stored as leaves in a forest of quad- or octrees.

  • Based on the highly scalable meshing library p4est (

  • Solvers for hyperbolic PDEs are available, including Clawpack 4.x, Clawpack 5.0 and GeoClaw (see

  • Users can easily extend ForestClaw with their own solvers.

  • Fully parallel, using MPI distributed memory parallelism

  • Visualization tools include Matlab scripts, VisClaw (from Clawpack) and VTK output.

For installation instructions, please visit our GitHub Wiki at

For more information on ForestClaw, visit our website at

Have more questions? Please contact

ForestClaw is free software under a BSD-style license (see COPYING). The p4est library is released under the GPL 2.0 (or later). As it is generally linked with the ForestClaw code, binary distribution falls under GPL as well.