Game inspired by Zork. Project Continuation.
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========== The-Shades


The-Shades is a project freely inspired by Zork, a great name in text based video games, and by the Shades district 

in the fictionnal city of Ankh-Morprk, from the Discworld universe by Sir Terry Pratchett.

Items and creatures, as you will see, come from multiple sources ranging from classic games to more recent ones.

============ Instructions

To launch the game game, cd to the games location and type the following command in :


To move around, the W,A,S and D keys respectivly correspond to the directions North, West, South and EAST. You can obtain a more precise description by pressing O. You can pick up an intem by pressing P. You can throw an item away by pressing T. You can use an item by pressing E. If that item is a weapon, it will be equipped and your skill will increase. If this item is consumable, either your health will increase or your level will.

In the eventuality of a fight, you may try to flee by moving but you only have a small chance of succeedin each time. You can fight by pressing F.

The objective of the game is to survive long enough to exit the labyrinth. You can quit the game at any time by pressing the escape key (or ESC).

========= Changelog

[The-Shades][V 2.0] "Losing is fun"

[FRANÇAIS] [MAJEURE] - Traduction complete en anglais. - Ajout d'un système de niveau. [MINEURE] - Ajout de nouveaux monstres. - Ajout de nouveaux objets. - Ajout de couleurs.
- Ajout de codes de triche.

[ENGLISH] [MAJOR] - Complete English translation. - Added leveling system. [MINOR] - Added new monsters. - Added new items. - Added colors. - Added cheat codes.

====== Divers

Pour des informations sur le projet vous pouvez nous contacter à:

contact [at]

valentin.pearce [at] pierre.mahieux [at]

Pour suivre en détail l'evolution du projet, vous pouvez vous rendre sur :