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Add German translation of AI descriptions

* add translations for all AI tooltips
* "Semperfi" has been renamed to "SemperFi"

Refs Warzone2100#281
Fixes Warzone2100#328
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Forgon2100 committed Apr 16, 2019
1 parent 9b33246 commit b4f91bb22b1c5ab931b08bc3ec42f554767f1510
Showing with 25 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +25 −2 po/de.po
@@ -8752,8 +8752,7 @@ msgstr "Selbstständig zielsuchende raketengetriebene Geschosse"
msgid "Self-Replicating Manufacturing"
msgstr "Selbstreplizierende Fertigung"

#: po/custom/fromJson.txt:1211
msgid "Semperfi"
msgid "SemperFi"
msgstr "SemperFi"

#: po/custom/fromJson.txt:1212
@@ -12843,6 +12842,30 @@ msgstr " - DEBUG"
msgid "Version: %s,%s Built: %s%s"
msgstr "Version: %s,%s Erstellt: %s%s"

# NullBot tooltip
msgid "Adaptive AI with multiple personalities"
msgstr "Anpassungsfähige KI mit mehreren Persönlichkeiten"

# Hover AI tooltip
msgid "Sea map AI, based on NullBot"
msgstr "KI für Seekarten, basierend auf NullBot"

# Turtle AI tooltip
msgid "Tower wars AI, based on NullBot"
msgstr "KI für Befestigungen, basierend auf NullBot"

# Nexus tooltip
msgid "Initial AI, now supplanted by NullBot"
msgstr "Ursprüngliche KI, von NullBot verdrängt"

# SemperFi JS tooltip
msgid "Prototypical JS AI focusing on rockets/missiles"
msgstr "Prototyp für JS KI mit Schwerpunkt (Lenk-)Raketen"

# SemperFi tooltip
msgid "Enhanced Nexus AI"
msgstr "Verbesserte Nexus KI"

#~ msgid "Electronic Countermeasures"
#~ msgstr "Elektronische Gegenmaßnahmen"

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