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Transitioning Into InfoSec

So many people in Information Security create resources for students transitioning into the industry, but the struggle is to share them to Academia and anyone else trying to start out. Compiling those and sharing with Academia is the goal of this resource

Key Points:

  • Go to InfoSec Meetups
  • Go to Local InfoSec Conferences (Many are under $25) - Network
  • Volunteer at Infosec Conferences
  • Join in infosec conversations on twitter
  • Play Infosec Challenges
  • Assist a open source project on github - both beta testing and documentation are huge
  • Blog what you learn
  • "Classroom's can start a student down that path, but if the student wants to be really successful, learning self-learning is paramount, regardless of the field he chooses albiet the recommended pace for infosec self-learning is far more intense then any other field." - Forgotten



Awesome Blog posts on starting a career






CSO Online - Military Transitioning Into InfoSec



InfoSec Interviews



Sergio Caltagirone @cnoresponse

Jordan Potti @ok_bye_now

Marcelle @marcelle_fsg

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