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A validator for postal codes with support for 200+ regions
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A validator for postal codes with support for 200+ regions.

import Foundation
import PostalCodeValidator

if let validator = PostalCodeValidator(locale: .current) { // United States (US)
    validator.validate(postalCode: "95014")) // true
    validator.validate(postalCode: "22162-1010") // true

    validator.validate(postalCode: "1234567")) // false
    validator.validate(postalCode: "INVALID")) // false

// 248 regions supported
if let validator = PostalCodeValidator(regionCode: "JP") { // Japan (JP)
    validator.validate(postalCode: "154-0023")) // true
    validator.validate(postalCode: "12345") // false

Note: Only the region of a locale is used to determine validation rules. To validate the postal code for a particular region, you can construct a locale using an identifier with the "und" language code.


  • Swift 4.0+


Swift Package Manager

Add the PostalCodeValidator package to your target dependencies in Package.swift:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
  name: "YourProject",
  dependencies: [
        url: "",
        from: "0.1.0"

Then run the swift build command to build your project.

Known Issues

  • Armed forces in Germany (and likely other countries) use special postal codes, which aren't included in the upstream data source. This will cause validation of these postal codes to fail. so validation will fail for these postal codes. (Thanks for pointing this out, @timohetzel)

Additional Details

The CLDR previously maintained a list of postal code formats, but that information was deprecated in v27.

Following the guidance of the twitter-cldr-rb project, PostalCodeValidator sources its information from The most recent release of this software uses information retrieved from the website on November 27, 2019.




Mattt (@mattt)

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