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@FormerLurker FormerLurker released this 05 Dec 00:58


This release fixes two major issues with V0.4.0, including a compiler optimization issue and an incompatibility issue with OctoPrint 1.5.x. There are a few other minor bugfixes and an enhancement or two. It contains 20 commits.


  • Added support for OctoPrint v1.5+ per-plugin release channel tracking. After upgrading to OctoPrint 1.5+ you will be able to choose between stable, rc/maintenance and rc/devel builds separate from the OctoPrint release channel settings (Thanks, @foosel!)
  • Updated Patron and sponsor list and refreshed the About page.
  • Added a link to the Octolapse Wiki on the Octolapse tab.

Bug Fixes

  • This release is now fully compatible with OctoPrint v1.5.x. Resolves #643, #641, #640, #637, and #629.
  • Fixes the dreaded G21 error caused by a faulty conversion from a bool to a long int in the c++ extension (thanks, @tech2077!) This issue will haunt my dreams for years. Resolves #624, #623, #622, #589, #581, #580, #579, #578, #577, #566, #560, and #545.
  • Fixes issues with Linux font paths. Resolves #628 and #604.
  • Correct faulty help files for sharpness and saturation. Resolves #632.
  • Add exception handling for a read timeout accessing the profiles repository that could make offline instances fail to start Octolapse properly. Resolves #627.