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V0.4 Automatic Slicer Configuration

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Starting with Octolapse V0.4, slicer settings can be extracted directly from your gcode file. This means no more copying your slicer settings into Octolapse before every print! This is one of my favorite features, especially since it makes it much easier for new users to get Octolapse working quickly. It also eliminates typos and missing/incorrect settings.

Important Note About Multi-Material/Multi-Extruder Printers

If you have multiple extruders or a multi-material printer, know that support is beta. I have only been able to test this on a single setup (Prusa MMU2) and have NEVER tried this on a multi-extruder printer since I do not have access to one. There could be major issues with settings extraction and stabilization that could cause print failures or, in the worst case, hardware/printer damage. Please use caution when using Octolapse with a multi-material printer and report any problems immediately by creating an issue.

Compatible Slicers

The following slicers currently support Automatic Configuration Settings:

If you do NOT have one of these slicers, Automatic Configuration will not work. Use the Other slicer type option instead.

Note about multi-material/multi-extruder printers - It is possible that you will encounter problems when using automatic mode on multi-extruder/multi-material printers. Please report any issues you find.

Enabling Automatic Slicer Configuration

Edit your printer printer profile, find the Slicer Type drop down, and select Automatic Configuration.

Enabling Automatic Slicer Settings

If you are using Cura, be sure to follow the additional steps, else automatic settings will not work. Also, be sure to read the next section if you are using a multi-materal/multi-extruder printer.

Multi-Material/Multi-Extruder - Set the Default Extruder

If you are using a multi-material printer, be sure to set your default extruder. If Octolapse doesn't receive a tool change command, it will assume you are using the default extruder for the entire print. This is important for printers that support the Tx and T? commands, like the Prusa MMU2.

Set the default extruder

If you are using Slic3r, Slic3r PE, or Prusa Slicer

See this guide for enabling verbose gcode output (it is super simple), and get a boost in quality when using the smart layer trigger!

If you are using Cura follow these steps

Unlike the other supported slicers, Cura will not work without some minor adjustments. This guide assumes your printer is already correctly configured and that you are running Cura version 3.x up to 4.2.x (Octolapse may work with other versions too). Follow these steps to add your Cura settings to your gcode files so that Octolapse can access them:

  1. Open Cura
  2. Open the Help menu and select About.


  1. Record the version number.
  2. Open the Settings menu, expand the Printer sub-menu, and select Manage Printers.

Open the Manage Printers dialog.

  1. Select your printer from the Local Printers list and click Machine Settings.

Machine Settings

  1. If you are using a multi-material/multi-extruder printer with Cura:

    Read this brief guide to determine which script you need to use, and skip step 7.

  2. If you are using Cura 4.2 or above, copy the following script:

    Cura Script for Version 4.2 or Greater

    If you are using Cura 4.1 or below, copy the following script:

    Cura Script for Version 4.1 and below

  3. Paste the copied script into the top of the Start G-code text box as shown below:

    Start G-code location

    Cura script added to Start G-code.

Note that you can also place the script in the End G-code if you prefer. Octolapse will search the first and last 1000 lines of gcode for your settings, and it will stop searching when it finds all of the required settings. This means that Octolapse will find your settings a bit faster if they are located within your Start G-code (but not much faster).

  1. Make sure you reslice your gcode file before you print. Otherwise the settings won't be in there!

Notes about the settings script

The Cura settings scripts are based on a master script generated by Tjjfvi which can be found here. Be sure to give Tjjfvi some love for the template!