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This is an app starter with the latest and greatest.


This setup is heavily inspired by what's generated by create-react-app

  • Hot reloading (latest, react-hot-loader@3)
  • CSS modules
  • react-router
  • Extended airbnb eslint config
  • eslint preloading
  • fetch and promise polyfilling
  • babel stage-0, es2015 & react
  • build with extract-text-plugin, minification, the works
  • Mocha, Sinon, Chai & Enzyme testing
  • Istanbul coverage
  • Webpack 2 tree shaking & route based code splitting


Get started by running:

npm run dev

and then navigating to: http://localhost:3000

You can build your app by running:

npm run build

Once built, you can then run your app in prod by running:

npm run prod

You can lint independently of the dev server by running:

npm run lint

Testing and coverage is run using:

npm run test