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I'm looking into adding the fontawesome vector icon set to my presentation. It would be great if vector icon support was built and configurable (perhaps as part of the theme option). If I get it working I'll submit a pull request.


Is there a configuration preventing it from working properly? I'm wary to add it to core, but totally open to removing any friction to adding it.


There wasn't anything in the project that was actually blocking me from accomplishing this. For whatever reason, my initial thinking was that I needed to have an <Icon> component to render <i class=""></i> baked into the library. I actually did create this component (basically a copy and past of another component), and using the boilerplate as a template, I added font-awesome and font-awesome-webpack. In hindsight, this was probably overkill as I could have just used an <i className=""></i> directly and perhaps even just pulled fontawesome from a CDN.... :-/

Oh, well... It's working nonetheless, and the presentation went over well!.

Anyway, fontawesome does pair rather nicely. While it may be overkill for the core library, you could consider it for the boilerplate.


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