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v1.1.0 – Server-side Rendering Support!

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After our recent announcement of urql v1 we've received lots of positive feedback and support, but it became clear that the most requested feature for urql was server-side rendering.

So we went back into the machine room and implemented it, so today we're publishing urql v1.1, just a week after our blog post! Our new implementation of server-side rendering works by adding a single new exchange, the ssrExchange, and using a new suspense-mode on the server-side, which can be used together with react-ssr-prepass to prefetch urql queries. 🎉

Getting started with server-side rendering in urql is easy! We've got an extensive guide on how to set it up, which you can read on our new & fancy docs site, or alternatively as markdown on GitHub.

We've also added a new example to our repository based on Next.js!


This version now also requires a version of React supporting hooks! (>= 16.8.0)
We unfortunately forgot to correct the peerDependencies entries in our v1.0.0 release.

  • Add server-side rendering support (see #268)
  • Ensure that state changes are applied immediately on mount (see #256)
  • Ensure that effects are run immediately on mount (see #250)
  • ⚠️ Remove create-react-context and bump React peer dependency (see #252)
  • Add generics to the Query, Mutation, and Subscription components
  • ⚠️ Fix issues where useQuery wouldn't update or teardown correctly (see #243)
  • Add support for pause prop/option to useQuery and Query (see #237)