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JoviDeCroock and kitten (chore) - update todo example so toggling the todo does also work for…
… graphcache. This because we were lacking the complete property. An empty response does not give context about the performed operation to graphcache. (#422)
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This is a basic todo app built with urql. It demonstrates some of the core principles of the framework, including:

  • Creating a client.
  • Wrapping your app with Provider.
  • Using the useQuery hook to execute and refetch queries.
  • Using the useMutation hook to execute mutations.
  • Showing the devtools


1. Install dependencies in repo root.

To get started with the example, make sure to install urql's dependencies in the root directory of your clone. We link to the urql source from the examples directory, so its dependencies need to be installed.

# In root directory

2. Navigate to this directory and install dependencies.

cd examples/1-getting-started

3. Start the example app and server (this is done in a single command).

yarn start

4. Open your browser

Navigate to example at http://localhost:3000/. You can use the urql devtools by opening your console and navigating to the urql tab.

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