Survey application assessing online media users' expressions of identity
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Identity Mapping Project:



The Identity Mapping Project (IMP) features an application assessing online media users' expressions of identity across various digital platforms, sites, and immersive environments.

Participants in the study will follow a basic flow through the application:

  1. Survey Part I: Participants will fill out the following sets of information:
  • Basic information about the Physical Self (such as age, sex, education, and country of residence)
  • A broad overview of participants' presence in each of six digital domains: Blogs, On-Line Forums, Social Networks, Digital Gaming Platforms, 3D Virtual Worlds, and Emails.
  1. Survey Part II: Participants will provide more detailed information about their involvement in each digital domain where they currently have a presence.

  2. Survey Part III: This portion will explain the concept of “Crossover Accounts” and find out if participants have any crossover accounts in their digital identities.

  3. Identity Map: Participants will be shown a graphical representation of their digital identity and how they compare to others around the world.


  • Dr. Richard Gilbert
  • Dr. John Dionisio
  • Dr. Philip "Subject 0" Dorin
  • Andrew Forney