Benchmarks of various JSON frameworks on iOS
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iOS JSON Benchmarks

This is the code I used to write my post about JSON benchmarks and my updated post.

There is basic UI for this app. Pretty charts might be cool in the future though. View the log for detailed results.

Results Summary

Last updated 10/15/2010

The frameworks ranked reading in this order: JSONKit, YAJL, Apple JSON, JSON Framework, and TouchJSON.

Writing ranked in this order: JSONKit, JSON Framework, Apple JSON, YAJL, and TouchJSON.

For detailed time results, run the app on a device.


You will need iOS 4.0 or greater to build the application since it uses blocks. You will also need to get the submodules with the following command:

$ git submodule update --init

Then simply open the project and build normally.


Huge thanks to Stig Brautaset for improving benchmarking and keeping JSON Framework up to date. Thanks to Jonathan Wight for keeping TouchJSON up to date.