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I was going to guess that it's because they can't make it open source. They are based on Glyphicons Free, which have a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. However, it's not a share-alike license, so they do not have to release any derivatives under the same license. As long as they credit and link to, they are free to remix and share them--but they don't have to. FontAwesome is also licensed under CC BY 3.0, so they don't have to provide the source--just the final product.

That said, you can always take the SVG font, load it up into IcoMoon, download and customize each icon, and re-upload the changed icons.


Kerrick, I agree with you. This really is open source if you have the ability to edit the font library. Check out my work so far on an expanded library. It actually fulfills some of the font requests by users:


@gregoryloucas That's pretty sweet! Why not submit a pull request to get the More Extended Icons pushed into the official Font Awesome repo?


@gregoryloucas Uh, I don't mean to be a buzzkill or anything but why is the font so aliased compared to the original FontAwesome ? At first I though it was just on new icons but all the icons are sharpened and aliased.
Here is an example pic on the Twitter icon. Left is FontAwesomeMore, right is FontAwesome.


@Kerrick Actually, these were made from scratch. The list is the same set as glyph icons, but they're all designed from scratch by me. And you're right about the way to subset the font.

The next version will have the desktop version of the font as well. And original vectors. And IE7 support. And lots more icons. Been busy lately with a new job, which has made things slow.

And as for letting other submit icons, that'd be great. I need to figure out a good way to do quality control and keep the icons looking like they're in a set together.


@powder96 Dude, tone it back. I was considering selling the vectors and desktop font as a way to get paid for this crazy amount of work I did for people for free. But I'm going to give it all away. Not happy? Don't use it. Pretty simple.

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