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13 Icon Suggestions: Based on needs of web apps/sites #16

buraktuyan opened this Issue · 69 comments

52 participants

Burak Tuyan Istvan Beregszaszi Wayne Larsen Dave Gandy Denys Shabalin Maxime Fabre Philip Jacob Jay Williams Nicolas Rudas Dave Alvin Wang Jon Stevens ahennie  Giscard Biamby Eirik Hoem Gary Rennie Eduardo Molteni Johan Baversjo acrylicstyle Henri Bergius David Radcliffe Greg Perkins weepy James Bayer and others
Burak Tuyan

Here are some icon suggestions for you to review - along with a small description of why they would be needed in a web app :

  • man: For gender variety to the user icons. #475
  • woman: For gender variety to the user icons. #475
  • notes: For notes. (There are file and book but no notes.) #896
  • attach: Again, this is very needed for attachments. Done
  • history: For version tracking, etc. #895
  • charts: For stats, charts, etc. (The current chart icon doesn't look clear on smaller sizes, maybe something without a border?) #171
  • adress_book and/or vcard: To represent "contact" or "address book". #898
  • unshare: For "undo" or "unshare" operations and to accompany the share/redo icon. #899
  • pin: For pinning or sticky commands. (Maybe a simpler and 2D looking one, as an alternative to yours?) newest one is 2D
  • envelope_read: To represent an open/read mail. #897
  • coin(s): For payment options. #584
  • clipboard: icon-paste should do
  • calculator #521

Thanks again for your already great work!

Istvan Beregszaszi


Wayne Larsen
wvl commented

I came to request the "link" icon, to complete the set of icons for a minimal rich text editor toolbar.

Dave Gandy

Love it. I'll eventually get around to breaking these out into individual icon requests. Thanks for the request, this is a fantastic list!

Denys Shabalin

"disk/save", would definitely make my day. (thanks for great icons!)

Dave Gandy

So I love the idea for a save icon, but a physical floppy is now outdated. Does anyone have any suggestions for another icon that doesn't include a floppy disk?

Maxime Fabre

Some sort of arrow going into a folder or something ?

Istvan Beregszaszi

This was discussed on Hacker News a couple of days ago. The consensus was that the floppy disk is so strongly tied to the notion of saving, changing it to anything else is not even worth considering.

My vote is for the floppy icon.

Philip Jacob

Something for RSS/Atom/feeds in general would definitely be super.

Jay Williams

@pestaa NeoOffice uses the external drive icon, as opposed to a floppy disk, but I'm afraid you may be correct.

Istvan Beregszaszi

@jaywilliams I wouldn't know what it is for if you didn't tell me.

Nicolas Rudas

+1 for the link "icon"


+1 for the Cloud icon. A nice Cumulus please. :)

Alvin Wang

My request for a disk would be for a different use than saving. I was thinking about being able to show if html5 localstorage was available. Other icons could be a JS/NoJS icon. If users are not getting the best experience, I could show them why in a status bar rather than popups of error messages.

Dave Gandy

It might be for a different use, but would a picture of a disk suffice for this use case?

Alvin Wang

I was thinking that you might want both at the same time. A webapp wants to save. There a different icon that says whether you can save to localstorage. Having the same icon represent 2 things might be confusing. There are lots of html5 features that it would be nice to have icons for.

Webworkers. I would indicate the webworkers were running and you could click on it to disable them for performance reasons.

websockets are not available so you get the slow refresh version of the app.

Jon Stevens

+1 for link/unlink chain.


+1 for paper clip for attachments.

 Giscard Biamby

+1 for RSS

Eirik Hoem

+1 for gender,

Gary Rennie

+1 for cloud.

Eduardo Molteni

+1 for Unlock

Johan Baversjo

+1 for credit card and paypal icon


+1 for RSS and disk/save

Henri Bergius

+1 for undo as a pair to redo, would be useful in Hallo Editor, which uses Font Awesome for the editor toolbar buttons (see bergie/hallo#50)

David Radcliffe

+1 for vcard / address book

Greg Perkins

+1 the link/unlink icon!


+1 scissors

James Bayer

+1 for icon-cloud great work, this is a fantastic project

Nate Radebaugh

+1 link/unlink

Joseph Anderson

+1 for RSS

Edwin Joassart

+10 for link & rss

Mathias Bogaert

+1 for unlock too

Eelco Wiersma

+1 :)

Paul Welsh

+1 link/chain icon


filter/funnel icon would be also nice

Dave Gandy

Filter is already in the works, and will be a part of 2.0.3.

Anyone have any decent examples of a disk icon? I've been working on that one for a couple of days, but am not quite happy with it yet.

And what about paste? Copy seems easy enough, just have two file icons together. But a file on top of a clipboard doesn't quite make sense to me. Anyone have any good paste icon examples?

Radu Luchian

Here are some icons that many surely need on projects and that I myself need for a project I am currently working on:

  • ruler & square ruler (for templates and such)
  • calculator
  • piggy bank
  • trash can

Social icons would also be a great plus (appart from those already created), but those mentioned above are the real "must have".

Radu Luchian

Oh and a "truck" icon for shipping/delivery :)


+1 for RSS

Tárcio Zemel

+1 for RSS, Cloud and Globe

Peter Schultz

+.7 for paper clip / attachment
+.3 for open lock

Radu Luchian

A phone icon would also be nice.


Great list.

+1 for:

  • Notes
  • Group
  • History
  • Address book
  • Credit card

All the rest would be great too! (These are just the ones that I selfishly need at the moment :)

Dave Gandy

Many of these are now in v2.0. Editing request to remove those that have been completed.

Dave Gandy

Looks like I got 15 of them. 13 remaining are listed.

Rudolph Froger

+1 for history icon. Could be something like a greek temple.

Radu Luchian

Extension cord / electric plug (for extensions and plugins)
Brush / art color palette (for styles and skins)

Victor Martins

I was looking for the man/woman Icon, so +1 on that!
This pack has a good one
The girl Icon is something like the user Icon that we have, but with the girly hair.

Andrew Gribben andrewgribben referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
David Gil

+1 for male/female symbols !

Radu Luchian

I agree with @rudolphfroger about a history icon, however wouldn't an hourglass be more accurate?


+1 for clock :)

Radu Luchian

@vstudio you have icon-time and it's a clock


+1 for gender!


@raduluchian apologies, how about +1 for ruler

Predrag Krstić

+1 for gender icons

Radu Luchian

I think these two would also be very useful:



+1 for gender

Jonas Verhaert

+1 for gender


+1 for male/female symbols !

Dan Goldin

Another +1 for ruler


I just posted a $100 bounty that'll go to the person whose pull request closes this... Or at least includes man/woman/history/address book/calculator! Everyone that +1'd should consider adding to the bounty:

Allyson Beckers

Came here for vCard. Here's a great example:
vCard icon

Allyson Beckers

I have created 11 PDF/SVG icons to help close this issue, however I am not sure how to combine them with the current font. Could someone advise so I can create a pull request?

 11 documents 11 total pages

Dave Gandy

Oh, I like that history icon. Very much. Some of the others won't read well at 14px, however.

Dave Gandy

These have all been split out into separate issues or completed.

Dave Gandy davegandy closed this
Amir Rahnama

:+1: for worldmap flat icon

Geremia Taglialatela

@ambodi please open a new request, thanks

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