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Examples should use a generic HTML element instead of the i element. #2451

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First of all, thanks for this project! Very useful and adds quality to web pages.

However, the use of the <i> element in the examples instead of a more generic one like <span>, which BTW can be nested, is at least surprising!

AFAIK, even in HTML 5, the <i> element is meant to be used with text. This is a bad choice and I hope you change it soon, before it becomes a habit to Font-Awesome users!


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@gnotaras thanks but it's a little bit too late because <i> tags were here since bootstrap 2: and that's why fontawesome is still using <i> in examples.

Since this is not breaking backward compatibility, I think we can move all examples from <i> to <span>, like bootstrap 3.0 does.

I need to ask Dave about this


@tagliala Geremia, thank you for your reply. I hope such a change makes its way to the official documentation.

PS: BTW, huge respect for replying so fast and for keeping these bug reports so well organized. Fantastic job!

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@gnotaras you're welcome

Dave answered, we could consider and discuss this for 4.1.0

I'm in for this change, let's encourage best practices like we did for selectors.

Probably I will keep using i for my projects because it's shorter and reminds me about icons but in that case it will be my fault, not fontawesome's documentation one


With Bootstrap 3 their official documentation has changed to use the more semantic <span> element in it's glyphicons examples


I think that users should be given the option of choosing the i or/and span elements to use based on their preference without forcing users to use either i or span elements.


I agreed with @respectyoda - option of using either <i>/<span>... I can use <i> for my personal projects and <span> for education? Keep up the good work!

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The element you use is entirely up to you. How about we compromise and add a note about using span elements and how they're more semantically correct?


@davegandy That sounds like a good compromise.

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Added a note to the basic example about using span elements. Closing this issue.

@davegandy davegandy closed this
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