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Icon Request: fa-copyleft #2934

mitchdowney opened this Issue · 8 comments

8 participants


Unicode has a copyright symbol, but to my knowledge unicode does not have a copyleft symbol. It would be nifty to put copyleft symbols next to my open source projects like the copyright symbol.


Or is there a unicode or font awesome symbol I am not aware to denote free/open source status? Thanks


It would be awesome!


+1. This would be a great addition. I just found myself needing a copyleft icon, I searched for a unicode version and found nothing. I'm wary of using © and mirroring with CSS.


All you need guys & gals is

<i class="fa fa-copyright fa-flip-horizontal"></i>


(edit by tagliala: fixed html code)


+111 @marcospeebles that's a neat trick.

I still hope the the Font Awesome peeps put fa-copyleft right in front of fa-copyright in the docs though. A lot of people forget copyleft exists and is waaay better than copyright.



For balance there should be not only a copyright, but also a copyleft icon

Admittetly there's alredy a possibility to work around that as stated above
But then that was true for fa-share (fa-reply) as well and it's not an arbitrary, obscure icon that just got invented or so



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